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If you wondering where I've been these past few forever I had a Rage Quit Moment. See I lost a lot of my data and a lot of my @$#%*$#(#@*(#(*%#(*%#(%*@(**($*# ..... I'm chill now but I had to step away from all my projects for a while and lose myself in the world of gaming (Thank you Ps4) But I'm good now.
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Tale of a Dragon
Chapter 4: Snakes, Maidens, Sages and Shadows

Elji sat on a hill overlooking west Rukongai as the sun slowly started to sit. He took a deep breath as he felt a presence and someone leaning against his back. He remained silent as he felt the person leaning against him sigh. Closing his eyes he felt another person appear as well but still he remained silent and so did the person leaning against him. He recognized the two of them as Draco and Orie but he had no idea why they were there.

“So Elji, where is Ryuu?” asked Draco.

“I don’t know,” said Elji.

“Ryuu said she would be waiting at the usual place,” said Orie. “She wants to apologize for what she said earlier.”

“No, she’s right,” Elji sighed as he opened his eyes staring at the setting sun. “I think I always knew it but she doesn’t need a blind fool like me.”

“I think you always knew you were wrong,” Draco flipped his hair as he smirked. “It obvious that girl would be lost without you. So stop feeling sorry for yourself already! My rival can’t be a deluded sad sack.”

“Haha is that your way of cheering me up?” Elji stood as he dusted off his clothes.

“And if it was?” said Draco.

“It worked,” said Elji.

“I’m glad you’re back to normal Elji-Sama,” said Orie.

Just as things started to settle all three of them felt the presence of hollows appear. “Damn, there’s a lot of them…” said Draco. “I don’t feel anyone close by that can help either.”

“Then we better do something,” said Elji.

“If all three of us stay together-“

“No, we have to split up,” said Orie. “Draco you’ll handle the stronger hollows while Elji-Sama and I take on the weaker hollows.”

“Fine, we don’t have time to argue,” said Draco. “Let’s go!”


Panicked Rukongai residents screamed and hid as two large horned hollows walked through the streets. A young boy tripped in a crowd of people as the hollows approached their singled out prey. The boy lifted his hands and closed his eyes as he expected death to come; however descending from the sky a sole young man stood in front of the hollows with a raised Zanpoktou.

“Run now!”

Not needing to be told again the boy jumped to his feet and ran as fast as he could. “Thanks mister Shinigami guy!”

After making sure the kid he was protecting got away Draco returned his attention to the hollows in front of him. “Devour your victim…Futago-ju!” His Zanpoktou shined a light yellow before transforming into the twin kusarigama that was his Shikai. Dashing forward he swung his chain around the arm of one hollow before slamming it into the other one. As the hollows tried to regain their footing Draco weaved his kusarigama’s chain around the two hollows encircling them.

“Rakka Kiba!”

Reiatsu fired from all over the chain impaling the hollows and destroying them in one attack. Just as he defeated those two hollows three more showed up. Flashing above one hollow he jabbed his sickle into its head killing it instantly. With a roar a hollow attacked him from behind but flipping backwards he avoided the attack as he simultaneously slit the hollows throat. The third and final hollow fired a cero towards the mid-air Draco sending him crashing through a nearby building.

Picking himself up Draco brushed of the debris on his clothes as he faced down the final hollow. Tossing a sickled towards the hollow it grabbed the blade and yanked him towards itself. While being pulled he gripped his other sickle holding it backhand style as he drew closer to the hollow. Once in range he quickly sliced the hollow in half destroying it in one blow.

“Alright, that takes care of things here.”


A group of five weak hollows ran towards the retreating residents of west Rukongai. One of the hollows leapt towards a frightened woman ready to devour her when a small paper charm fell between them. Expanding in size the charm blocked the hollow’s attack repelling it back towards the other group of hollows.  A red hair kitsune gracefully landed in front of the woman as the charm returned to its small size.

“Please leave this to me!”

Nodding the woman got to her feet and ran. “Thank you fox girl!”

Orie tossed another charm defending the woman she saved who was escaping. As all of the hollows directed their attention to her she spread a number of paper charms in her hand. The hollow from earlier leapt towards with great speed. Tossing a charm shaped like a sword the charm expanded stabbing the hollow in the head. Next taking the charm in the shape of a person she tossed it behind another hollow before trading places with it in a puff of smoke.

Drawing her Asauchi she slashed the hollow in half before tossing another person shaped charm into the air and switching places with it. Now airborne she tossed two sword shaped charm at two other hollows destroying them in one strike. The final hollow jumped towards the still airborne Orie as she threw a person shaped charm at it. Switching places with the charm she slashed at the hollow while continuing to fall slashing in in half.
Landing to the ground she collected all her charms as she looked around for any remaining hollows. “Alright, it looks like I got all of the ones around here.”


A group a west Rukongai residents were cornered by a large hollow as they pressed their backs to the wall. Closing their eyes all they could do was await the end as the hollow attacked them with its claws. However a clash of steel and claws made them open their eyes as a seemingly blind young man stood in front of them with a sword drawn. Dashing forward the young man eliminated the hollow in one strike as he turn to the panicked residents.

“This area is dangerous you should hurry and go.”

The group took his words to heart and quickly ran off. “Thank you, blind Shinigami!”

Elji continue to comb the area for hollows and there seemed to be no more left. Just as he was about to leave a chill ran through his entire body. The sky began to crack like it was made of glass as an oppressive aura loomed over the area. Elji felt his body freeze as the cracking sound continued echoing over the area. As the sky ripped in two a large foot stepped out from the opening as a howl roared shaking the district.

A large black hollow, towering at an unconceivable height stepped into the district. Each step was like an earthquake as Elji felt the behemoth move. He knew what this was; it was a hollow but not just any hollow a Menos Grande. Elji could tell that there were still people trying to evacuate but there was no way he could fight a Menos.

“I have to do something!”

Hardening his resolve Elji headed towards the towering hollow past a mob of panicked residents. The Menos slowly lowered its gaze looking directly at Elji. Slowly raising its foot it stomped at him but rolling to his side he was able to avoid the attack. The Menos stomped again and once again Elji dodged but he couldn’t keep dodging forever.


The entire Rukongai was in a state chaos as hollows appeared all over causing havoc. The Gotei 13 were thinly spread dealing with the threat that even former Shinigami were being called to action. Yukiko and Ryuga were helping their former squads as Ryuu went looking for Elji. She could feel a really large reiatsu very close to Elji and it wasn’t friendly at all. As she grew closer to west Rukongai she saw the humongous hollow stomping about. She forced her way through the escaping mob until she saw Elji nimbly dodging the Menos’ stomps.

Even she knew that if she and Elji were to team up they wouldn’t stand a chance against a Menos with their current power. There had been plenty of times when she’d attack first and think about it later but she hesitated this time. For the first time in her life she was being held back by her fear.

“If you’re so scared then maybe now is a good time to chat.” The unfamiliar voice that seemingly came from nowhere dragged her away her away from reality to unconsciousness.</b>


Ryuu awoke to find herself on the floor in a dimly lit gothic style church. On an altar in the middle of the church was a young man with red bandages around his mouth. His short raven black hair blocked his eyes from view. He wore a sleeveless red coat with white bandages wrapped around his abdomen and a pair of black pants. On the wall behind him was a large grey and red great sword about the same height as Ryuu.

“Nice place huh?” said the young man. “Though if I being honest I would like to have more of a say in were we met but what are you going to do?”

“Who are you?” asked Ryuu.

“Think about it, wait maybe that’s asking too much from you,” the young man sighed. “Listen tomboy princess I’m you Zanpoktou spirit and this is your inner world.”

“Let me out of here so I can go help Elji,” said Ryuu.

“Even if I let you out you’ll just stand there scared. Besides if you’d listen for two seconds you might find it useful to your situation.”

“I don’t have time for this!” yelled Ryuu. “Let me out now!”

“Hey do you know how long it usually takes for a Shinigami and a Zanpoktou to meet?! Or how long it takes for an Asauchi to become a legit Zanpoktou?!

“I don’t care about any of that right now!” continued Ryuu.

“Listen to me tomboy princess! I’m trying to teach you Shikai! So that way you might actually have a chance of surviving!”

“Then hurry up and do it!”

“If you would calm down then you could hear my name!

“I don’t have time for this!”

Focusing all her reiatsu Ryuu tried to force her way out of her inner world. “Whoa wait a sec! I get it I’m letting you out!” The young man snapped his fingers as her conscious faded again.

{Current time}

Ryuu opened her eyes to see Elji still dodging the Menos’ feet and for a second breathed a relived sigh before drawing her blade. “Don’t be stupid!” She could hear her Zanpoktou yelling in her head.

“I’m going and you’re going to help me!”

“You must be insane! I tried to help you and you gave me a hard time so you’re on your own!”

“Hey stupid sword! Give me your power!”

“W-What the hell?!?! How are you forcing Shikai!?”

“Don’t underestimate me stupid sword!”

Reiatsu erupted from Ryuu as her Zanpoktou emitted a bright black light. The light caught the attention of the Menos as it looked away from Elji towards Ryuu. The light warped around Ryuu’s Zanpoktou as her blade transformed into a large deformed mass of darkness. Somehow she was able to wield this deformed blade of darkness as the blade towered in height being just as tall as she was.

“Hey, tomboy princess.”

“What is it stupid sword?”

“Not that I would want to encourage this but forcing it only gives you a fraction of my true power and this isn’t even my true form.”

“If you have time to notice that then just tell me your name already.”

“I’m trying to keep you alive…this power should be good enough for you to hold out. But hey when you want to talk instead of forcing your way like you always do then you know where to find me.”

Ryuu was about to argue with him but the Menos in front of her raised its foot stomping towards her. Meeting the foot head-on she held it at bay with her blade her reiatsu pushing upwards knocking the Menos of its feet. If this was only a fraction of her Zanpoktou’s power then she could only imagine what its full power would be like. Before she could attack again the hollow was destroyed by someone else in a burst of speed.
Ryuu saw a brief flutter of a captain’s haori before it vanished and Ryuga came running up to her dragging Elji with her. “There you are sweetie!”

“Hey Ryuga, how is it out there?” Ryuga didn’t respond and that’s when Ryuu noticed she was gazing at her Zanpoktou.

“You should be nicer to your Zanpoktou,” said Ryuga with a serious expression. “You entrust your life to your Zanpoktou when you’re on the battlefield. It’s important that you have a mutual understanding.”

“With a mother like that it’s so hard to see how you grew up to be so…well so you.”

“Shut up stupid sword! I’m fine the way I am!”
Tale of a Dragon
Chapter 3: Rushing Blindly

“Hold up Elji you’re not really going to fight him are you?” asked Ryuu.

“Don’t worry I’ll be fine,” assured Elji as Ryuu backed away.

“The sage has spoken Ryuu,” Draco laughed as he swung his sickles, “She’s rather rude sometimes so you’ll have to forgive her.”

“Something I’ve grown used to,” said Elji, “but I’m not used to you yet so why don’t we get better acquainted?”

In a flash Elji drew his Asauchi as he charged towards Draco. Seeing right through the attack he dodged and slashed at Elji’s torso but his blade went right through as a gash appeared on the side of his arm. The crowed was in shock but Draco spun around as he threw a sickle towards Elji’s back but again it traveled right through him as another gash appeared on Draco’s opposite arm.

“Damn it! With that Senjutsu I won’t be able to touch him...unless I do something drastic”
Draco spun both his sickles towards Elji as he ducked underneath the attack. Pulling back his sickles Draco surrounded them with reiatsu as the blades rushed towards him. The blades hit the ground in an explosion of energy as Elji and Draco were sent flying apart. The sickle’s chain wrapped around Elji as Draco grinned slamming him to the ground, “Caught you!”

“No, I caught you,” said Elji, “Hado #1 Sho!”

Dropping his Asauchi Elji pointed his palm to the ground as the pulse of Kido pushed him into the air he also dragged Draco with him. Breaking free from the chain Elji pulled Draco closer as he drove his palm into his chest using a more powerful Sho sending him crashing to the ground. Draco groaned as he picked himself up just as Elji landed to the ground.

“Inoue…No, Elji you are indeed strong,” said Draco. “I concede.”

The crowd gasped as they couldn’t believe what they were hearing. “I look forward to having another match with you someday.” With those words Draco walked away in the casual way he always does. Letting out a loud sigh Elji fell to his knees exhausted as Draco left. “Maybe…I over did it.”

“Elji-Sama are you alright?!” Orie was already by his side helping him up. “Orie…I used up all my reiatsu in that fight and I can’t focus right now so I need you to be my eyes,” whispered Elji. Orie nodded in understanding as she led Elji away from the sparring ring.

“Geez Elji you had me worried for a second,” said Ryuu as he returned to his seat.


“I didn’t think that you would just rush in like that. I mean…damn it Orie you can let go now!” yelled Ryuu.

“I just need to stay with Elji-Sama a little longer until he regains some of his strength,” said Orie.

“You can tell her off Elji,” said Ryuu.

“It’s fine she’s helping,” said Elji.

“Don’t be jealous Ryuu-Chan,” said Hero.

Ryuu responded to Hero with a swift punch to his face as she mumbled angrily to herself. The other demonstrations were pretty simple until the fifth top student walked into the center of the ring. His short raven black hair accompanied by his dark skin highlighted his blue eyes. Smiling showing his fang teeth he challenged Hero to a sparring match. However he didn’t call him Hero he called him Gen which got a somewhat serious response from Hero.

“Nakamaru Gento, we meet again at last…” the raven headed young man’s body was shaking as he grin formed even wider. “You…go by Hero now right? The hell you thinking going by such an unfitting name?”

“I remember you Gin,” said Hero. “I’m going straight now.”

“Not all blood washes off Gento,” said Gin. “But you are indeed going straight…you’re going straight into the fucking ground!”

In a flash Gin attacked but Hero dodged the attack as all it did was ruin his hair making it fall from its pompadour style going straight. Half of the student body gasped but Hero only brushed his hair aside slowly drawing his Asauchi.

“Fine then…The Hellish Dog, Nakamaru Gento, will be your opponent.”

Ryuu was shocked to learn that the seemingly harmless Hero was actually the brutal former criminal of west Rukongai. At the same time she noticed Elji gnash his teeth as his body tensed up and his hands balled into fist. Ryuu has only seen Elji truly angry two times and this would be the second time she’s seen it but why?

“Elji-Sama, are you okay?” asked Orie.

“It was him…This whole time he was right next to me and I didn’t notice…”

Just as Gin and Gen were about to reengaged each other Elji had appeared between them and forced Gen to the ground with his Asauchi drawn. “GENTO!!!” Elji was aiming for Gen’s eyes when the instructor stopped him just in time.

“Do you remember Gento?! Do you know who I am?!” shouted Elji.

Gento paused then his eyes widen in surprise, “No way…you can’t be that kid can you?”
Ryuu saw something she hadn’t seen in a long time as Elji slowly opened his eyes. However the bright gold eyes she remembered from their childhood were gone. His eyes were blank and white with scars running down their centers. The crowd gasped at the sight of Elji’s mutilated eyes as he sheathed his Asauchi and the instructor released him.

“You took my eyes from me!!!” shouted Elji. Gento was silent as Gin sheathed his own blade only glaring at him. “You can run from what you did but…not all blood washes off Gento,” said Gin before leaving.

“I’m trying to atone for me deeds of the past,” said Gento. “I’m not going to apologize. It wouldn’t mean or change a thing.”

“That’s fine, the only thing I want from you is your eyes,” the dark tone Elji was using was making everyone nervous. “Whether you’re alive or not is irrelevant but hear me Gento I will take your eyes…just like you took mine.”

{Elji’s Childhood}

Elji’s neighborhood was in ruins; fires burned the houses and dead bodies littered the streets. The young man behind it all stood in front of Elji with a rusty sword in his hands. His long hair blocked his eyes as he crouched in front of the injured Elji.

“You can’t watch anymore?” said the young man. “Do you really mean that?”

“I do so please stop!” pleaded Elji.

“Don’t worry kid you won’t have to watch anymore,” he said.

“R-Really?” asked Elji.

“Yeah, because I’m gonna make sure you never have to see it again!” he yelled as his blade sailed down towards Elji’s eyes.

{Current Time}

“To be honest I thought you would’ve bleed out and died,” said Gento.

“I was lucky to avoid that fate,” said Elji.

“I won’t hold a grudge against you and you are free to try and take you revenge,” said Gento. “However I have a life time a sin to atone for and I can’t be slowed down by something so inconvenient.”

“I’ll wait seven lifetimes,” said Elji.

Everyone left after everything that happened as only Ryuu, Elji and Orie were the only ones remaining. “Why didn’t you tell me?” asked Ryuu.

“I couldn’t…” said Elji.

“We’ve been friends since we were kids,” said Ryuu. “We grew up together, even lived together for a while. Do you not trust me? Did you think I would look differently at you?”

“No it’s not that it’s just you needed me and I-“

“I don’t need a liar!” yelled Ryuu. “I don’t need you!”

Elji fell silent as he turned away from her. “I see…then goodbye.” In a flash he was gone as Ryuu let out a big sigh. She was about to leave when an angry Orie cut her off.

“Do you know what you’ve done?!” she yelled.

“What are you talking about?” said Ryuu. “He’ll sulk for a while then he’ll be fine. This isn’t the first time I’ve gotten mad at him.”

“I don’t think you understand the severity of the words you just said to him,” said Orie.

“Don’t act like you know him,” said Ryuu.

“If the situation wasn’t like this I would not argue with you,” said Orie. “However when you said that you didn’t need him you crushed his reason even if you didn’t want to.”

“Crushed his reason?”

“The reason Elji-Sama never told you about his blindness was because he didn’t want you to worry,” explained Orie. “He felt like you needed him and that gave him purpose.”

“He really said that?”

“I don’t think you realize just how important you are to him,” said Orie with a ting of spite. “I don’t know him like you do but even I can tell from his reaction he was crushed.”

“I better go find him,” said Ryuu.

“It’s better if I do it,” said Orie. “He might avoid you.”

“Fine, but tell him I want to talk to him at the usual place,” said Ryuu.

Leaving Orie to track him down Ryuu went to talk to Hero or Gento about Elji’s past. She found Gento trying to fix his hair into its former ridiculous glory. “I kind of like it how it is,” said Ryuu.

“What brings you here Ryuu-Chan?” asked Gento.

“I wanted to ask you about Elji,” said Ryuu.

“It was a few years back,” said Gento. “I was on a murder high and was destroying this neighborhood in the west Rukongai district. This kid tried to stand up to me; he said I was doing awful things so he tried to fight me. I beat him then out of pity I gashed his eyes out hoping he would die that way.”

“Out of pity?”

“I was intent on killing everybody I ran into but…” Gento paused for a moment and sighed. “He said he didn’t want to see people die. So I blinded him thinking he would at least die not watching everyone else around him die. I didn’t think he would live because those wounds of his were pretty deep.”

“He would have died but Yukiko saved him,” said Ryuu. “Why did you kill all those people Hero or should I call you Gento?”

“Call me Gen,” said Gen as he pause to think about her question. “Is it wrong that I don’t really have a reason? It was easy and it was fun I guess but that doesn’t seem right.”

“So all that killing was just to entertain yourself?” asked Ryuu.

“I guess,” said Gen. “By the way aren’t you taking this a little too easy? I mean I’m a mass murderer but you’re still talking to me like a normal person.”

“Yeah I guess, but I didn’t know you like that,” said Ryuu. “I didn’t know the murderer Gen. I know the idiot Hero so I can’t treat you any different than normal.”

“Hahaha that’s quite the simple view Ryuu-Chan,” Gen laughed before giving up on fixing his hair. “I’ll admit this path to atonement hasn’t been easy but meeting you and now knowing Elji is alive relaxes my heart.”

“What made you decide to atone?” asked Ryuu.

“Hm? Now that I think about it I don’t really know,” said Gen. “I guess I was born without a sense of reason huh?”

“Everyone is a few screws short but you might be a few extra short,” said Ryuu.

“I'm surprise you’re not with Elji now I think about,” said Gen.

“I said something stupid and hurt him pretty bad,” said Ryuu. “So I sent Orie to find him.”

“Sending a rival to heal his broken heart sounds like a bad idea,” said Gen with a grin. “I guess that means I can have you all to myself huh?”

“I’ll still kick your ass,” warned Ryuu.

“Yeah, maybe this world needs more people like you Ryuu-Chan,” said Gen.

“What do you mean by that?” asked Ryuu.

“People whose hearts never waver,” said Gen. “A strong woman once told me that people who wear their hearts on their sleeve are easier to kill. What do you think?”

“Hm, I guess they are easier to kill but…” Ryuu paused to find the right words. “Hearts are what bind people and define who we are…we shouldn’t have to hide them from the world either.”

Gen laughed loudly before responding, “You truly are amazing Ryuu-Chan!”
Tale of a Dragon
Chapter 2: The snake in the garden

“Ryuu, sweetie it’s time to get up!”

Groaning Ryuu rolled out of bed as Ryuga opened the door to her room. “Dear you have a bedhead again,” said Ryuga pointing at Ryuu’s hair.

“Ugh why did you wake me so early?” asked Ryuu.

“Because Yuki wanted to talk to you before you go,” said Ryuga, “come down stairs after you get ready.”

Ryuu yawned as she started to get ready for the day. She wondered what Yukiko wanted considering she doesn’t like waking up early. With only one way to find out she went outside to the courtyard behind their manor to meet Yukiko. She was surprised to see Yukiko with her Zanpoktou considering Yukiko retired a long time ago.

“Hey you, what took you so long?” asked Yukiko.

“I was sleeping,” answered Ryuu. “So what’s up? Getting up this early isn’t like you.”

“Listen up Ryuu, you’ve been going to the Academy for a while now and I’m sure you noticed there are a lot of common people there,” explained Yukiko. “There is also gonna be a bunch of high class dick sucking-“

“Mind you language!” shouted Ryuga from inside.

“Err people,” continued Yukiko. “Now these guys are going to think they’re better than you so you have to be strong enough to shut their mouths.”

“What do you mean?” asked Ryuu.

“It’s time for you to start learning the Kurosawa no Jutsu,” said Yukiko.

“Really!?” asked Ryuu excited.

“Yep,” said Yukiko, “Now honestly the best person to teach you it is the head of the Kurosawa family herself but she won’t because-“

“I ‘m not turning my daughter into a warrior when she should be a lady!”

“She can be both! I mean look at you!” yelled Yukiko.

“She’s too much like you to be both!”

“The hell that supposed to mean?!”

“I love you!”

“Don’t think that will work this time!”

“I picked you out of everyone else!”


“And you love me too!

“…Damn it…”

“Um guys? Remember me?” said Ryuu.

“Right, back to what I was saying,” Yukiko cleared her throat before speaking again. “The Kurosawa no Jutsu consist of fifty techniques all suited for certain situations.”


“Yep and today I’ll be teaching you the base technique for all of the other techniques, the Kuro-Ken,” said Yukiko.

“What do you mean by base technique?” asked Ryuu.

“You’ll get it when I show you,” answered Yukiko, “Kurosawa no Jutsu, Kuro-Ken!” Her yellow reiatsu erupted around her body seemingly blending in with her skin. “Now watch this.” Drawing her Zanpoktou she took a crouching stance. Slashing skyward she released a large wave of yellow energy for her blade. The force of the energy was so powerful it knocked Ryuu off her feet as she watched the attack ascended higher still.

“Wow! That was amazing!” yelled Ryuu. “My turn right?! Right?!”

“Slow down there,” said Yukiko. “First we have to see if you can use the Kuro-Ken before trying other techniques. I wouldn’t sweat it though you’re a Kurosawa after all.”

“Right Kuro-Ken I got it,” said Ryuu as she started to focus.

“Hold on a sec you don’t know how to do it yet!”

“Kurosawa no Jutsu, Kuro-Ken!”

In an uncontrolled rush of power Ryuu’s black reiatsu covered her body blending with her body just as Yukiko’s did. The force of the power echoed around her surroundings as she fought to control it. “Ugh, man this is harder than it looks,” said Ryuu.

“Damn…you’re a Kurosawa alright,” said Yukiko.

“Alright so what’s next?” asked Ryuu.

“That’s it for today,” answered Yukiko.

“WHAT?!” Ryuu's concentration slipped as the Kuro-Ken ended.

“Yeah, time for you to go,” said Yukiko. “Did you forget already?”

“Go? Oh crap I forgot!” Rushing through the kitchen grabbing a rice ball Ryuga prepared she sprinted out the house. Ryuga chuckled before coming outside to hand a rice ball to the exhausted Yukiko. “You shouldn’t show off like that you know,” said Ryuga as she sat next to her.

“You didn’t see how excited she was,” said Yukiko. “I had to show her something amazing but perhaps I over did it.”

“The Kuro-Ken is the most difficult technique to master and is required for the other forty-nine,” said Ryuga. “Even if you can’t use it for a long time you should still be proud you can.”

“What makes blood related Kurosawa able to use it so easily I wonder,” sighing Yukiko fell back looking at the sky. “But still to be able to do it on the first try…Ryuu’s really amazing.”

“I know someone else able to do it on their first try too,” said Ryuga, “and if I remember correctly she’s not a blood related Kurosawa.”

“I did it for like ten seconds,” said Yukiko.

“But you still did it,” said Ryuga.

“Shut up you.”

“I love you Yukiko.”

“I know I know! So stop squeezing me!”

{Shinigami Academy}

“You look happy Ryuu-sama, did something good happen?” asked Orie.

“Hell yeah it did,” answered Ryuu.

“Perhaps you’ll enlighten us, huh Ryuu-Chan?” said Hero.

“I guess I can.”

“Excuse me, you are Kurosawa Ryuu correct?” While the trio walked through the halls they were stopped by a young man with long blonde hair. He was quite tall with blue eyes and a gold pendent around his neck.

“Yeah, what do you want?” asked Ryuu.

“My name is Hebimaru Draco heir of the Hebimaru clan,” said the young man. “I just wanted to meet you Kurosawa.”

“Oh, well then see you,” Ryuu walked around him until she heard him click his tongue. “Did you want something else?” asked Ryuu as she turned around.

“If you asking I’d prefer you to be more feminine,” said Draco. “After all my wife can’t behave and dress like a man, it chips away at my image.”

“What the hell are you talking about,” asked Ryuu suppressing her anger.

“Well when I heard about you I figured you’d never get married,” explained Draco. “So I thought this would be a good opportunity to mix the Hebimaru clan and Kurosawa clan’s bloodlines don’t you think?”

“Not really,” answered Ryuu.

“Really? It sounded like a good plan to me,” said Draco.

“It is, the only problem with that is you’re dead,” said Ryuu.

“Am I?”

“Yeah, you are!”

Before Ryuu could began her anger filled rush Hero had grabbed her arm, “You shouldn’t Ryuu-Chan, he could mess you up big time,” warned Hero.

“I wouldn’t harm her face,” said Draco, “just a few bumps to let her know who’s in charge.”

“Then maybe you should demonstrate on me,” said Elji appearing out of nowhere.

“Is that a challenge? From a commoner of all people?” asked Draco.

“I know about you,” said Elji, “and I can tell you right now I won't be easily beaten.”

“Oh really?” spinning on his heels Draco aimed a punched towards Elji but his attack went straight through his target. “Momoku Senjutsu…I see, so that’s your trump card after all. Very well then you win this time…your name is?”

“Inoue Elji.”

“I see, well Inoue using Momoku Senjutsu has its drawbacks y’know,” said Draco.

“I was dealt that penalty already,” said Elji.

“Inoue…I’ll remember the name.” With that Draco left just as casually as he arrived.

“Whoa, geez Elji your just full of surprise this mourning huh?” said Ryuu.

“What do you mean?” asked Elji.

“Don’t play dumb with me!” yelled Ryuu. “Where were you this morning? You weren’t waiting for me.”

“Oh, I…was busy this morning,” said Elji.

“Doing what?” asked Ryuu.

“Nothing really,” answered Elji.

“You’re lying,” said Ryuu. “It has something to do with that ‘Momoku Senjutsu’ stuff Draco was talking about isn’t it?”

“No and don’t worry about it,” assured Elji but Ryuu wasn’t letting up on her interrogation. “Someone has to worry about you because you won’t do it,” said Ryuu.

“Excuse me Ryuu-Sama, I would like to speak to Elji if you don’t mind,” surprised by Orie’s interruption she backed away as Orie pulled Elji aside.

“Does she not know?” asked Orie.

“No, and I can’t tell her,” said Elji.

“If she finds out what Momoku Senjutsu is then she’ll eventually catch on,” said Orie.

“I know but…”

“Very well, however I don’t believe knowing that you’re blind would affect her opinion of you,” said Orie.

“Of course it wouldn’t…she’s not that kind of person but for me, please don’t tell her,” pleaded Elji.

“Relax Elji I won’t,” assured Orie. “However do you mind if I ask why does telling her bother you so much?”

“You see how she depends on me?” asked Elji to which she nodded. “I’ve been a burden on the Kurosawa family for years. Her mothers are aware that I’m blind and took care of me ever since I was young considering my family is…gone.”

“So looking after their daughter is your way of repaying their kindness?” asked Orie.

“No, I can never repay that debt but looking after Ryuu gives me a sense of purpose,” said Elji. “I want to be someone she can depend on not someone she worries about.”

Orie couldn’t help but smile. “I see, perhaps it was you after all Elji-Sama.”  

“What was me?” asked Elji.

“It’s nothing,” said Orie as they returned to the group.

“What was that all about?” asked Ryuu.

“Nothing you should worry yourself with Ryuu,” assured Orie.

“Why did you drop the -Sama all of a sudden?” asked Ryuu.

“I believe that your guess was spot on about Elji-Sama,” answered Orie.

“I knew it! Wait, then that means…oh no you don’t not Elji take Hero no one like him,” said Ryuu.

“But everyone loves Hero…”

“What are you guys talking about?” asked Elji.

“N-Nothing! Shut up!” yelled Ryuu as she blushed.

“Anyway the Senpai have that demonstration today,” said Elji. “We should hurry or we’ll be late.”

Gathering with the other students around the sparring ring they watched as the instructor introduced the five students with the top grades. The instructor explained that each of the top students will challenge whoever they want to a sparring match. The top student was choosing his opponent when Ryuu heard her name. The top student was Draco and he was challenging Ryuu to a sparring match.

“Alright Draco let’s play.”

As Ryuu made her way to the center of the ring she could here students murmuring rumors about her and Draco. The rumors she was hearing was making her angry and she was about to take it all out on Draco whether he beats her or she beats him. “Kurosawa, shall I educate you?” asked Draco tauntingly.

“I’ll teach you something myself,” said Ryuu. “Don’t underestimate me! KURO-KEN!” As Ryuu’s reiatsu formed the clinging aura that was Kuro-Ken she dug her heels into the ground. Charging with her fist cocked Draco went for his Zanpoktou. However due to his surprise his reaction was too late as Ryuu sent him flying through the multiple hallways behind him.

“Hey Draco! When you wake up we can try that again you bastard!” taunted Ryuu. The crowds of onlookers were in shock as they looked at the destruction caused by Ryuu’s single attack. However when Draco’s reiatsu spiked everyone waited to see what would happen. Draco wiped the blood of his mouth as he walked towards Ryuu. He held a twin kusarigama in his hands as the sliver handles and red gems shined in the sun. Swinging one blade by the chain he laughed as he faced Ryuu whose face didn’t change at all.

“Devour your victim…Futago-ju,” said Draco. The relaxed demeanor he had at the beginning faded as she swung his sickle by its chain. “I won’t underestimate you again…Ryuu.”

“Damn right you won’t,” said Ryuu, “anyway I surrender.”

Draco dropped the sickle his was spinning as he heard her announce these words. “You can’t do that! Can she do that?!” The instructor laughed as he told Draco she could surrender. “But the fight was just starting you can’t quit!”

“Fight? This was gonna be a one sided ass whooping with me being on the receiving end,” said Ryuu. “I just wanted to punch you in the face once.” She couldn’t help but grin at the angry and confused Draco.

“If she surrendering can I chose another opponent?” asked Draco. The instructor nodded as Draco grinned. “Inoue! It’s your turn!”

In a flash Elji had appeared in the sparring circle. “Let’s us begin.”
Tale of a Dragon:
Chapter 1: How It Begins

“Ryuu! Slowdown!”

“No way! Just walk faster Elji!”

Two young people ran through the streets of the Rukongai obviously in a hurry. The one ahead of the other was a young woman with short messy black hair and gold eyes with a fang tooth. The one behind her was a young man with neck length brown hair. Out of breath the young man stopped as the girl walked towards him.

“Elji c’mon we’re going to be late!” yelled the girl.

“You say that Ryuu but I can’t keep up with you,” said Elji. “Besides why are we running when we’re not late anyway?”

“Don’t be an idiot,” said Ryuu. “Now put your lazy but in gear and let’s go!”

Ryuu rocketed off into her sprint as Elji regretfully ran after her. Ryuu was excited today for one reason only and it was her first official day at the Shinigami Academy. Elji didn’t really want to become a student but Ryuu was pretty much making him. The two of them grew up together and have been friends for a long time. However through their friendship Ryuu was always the one calling the shots due to her “assertive” personality and Elji just learned to deal with it.

After running for a while they finally made it to the Academy. Upon their arrival they were shown to the testing area for a written exam. Elji easily passed the written exam while Ryuu also passed but not by much. As everyone waited for the next instructor one student caught everyone’s attention. The student was female but wasn’t exactly normal considering she had white fox ears in her long red hair. Not to mention she also had a short fluffy white tail coming out her lower back and slanted red eyes.

It was a bit obvious that everyone was staring well everyone but Ryuu who was asleep. Getting up from her seat the fox girl had stood in front of Ryuu. Feeling someone staring at her Ryuu shook herself awake to meet eyes with the fox girl?

“You want something?” asked Ryuu.

“What’s your name?” asked the fox girl.

“Ryuu…Kurosawa Ryuu,” answered Ryuu.

“My name is Yasuhara Orie and I have just one question for you,” said the fox girl.

“Can this wait?” asked Ryuu through a yawn.

“No it can’t! I have finally found you!” said Orie.

“Huh? Do I know you?” asked Ryuu.

“No…but I know you are my fated husband,” said Orie. “Please marry me!”


“Huh? You’re not a boy?” asked Orie

“Do I look like a guy!?!” yelled Ryuu.

“Don’t answer that,” warned Elji.

“Regardless of gender we are still fated,” said Orie.

“The hell we are!” said Ryuu.

“Indeed!” said a voice for the hall.

Charging into the room was a male student with his black hair in a ridiculous twelve inch pompadour hairstyle. He narrowed his hazel eyes on Ryuu as he flexed into a pointing pose flashing a grin. Everyone stared in silence as they waited for something to happen but he was just standing there. Finally Elji decided to ask who the young man was but he just held up his hand before putting on a pair of sunglasses.

“My name is Nakamaru Hero!” said the young man. “Yes! It is I the great Hero! Your idol the great and powerful Hero!”

“Will you just shut up already!” yelled Ryuu.

“Such fiery passion from a man-like woman…beautiful!” said Hero.

“Man-like…” repeated Ryuu. “I’m gonna kick your ass y’know.”

Before Ryuu could lung at Hero Elji restrained her and covered her mouth to stop her from swearing out loud. After letting Ryuu clam down Elji let her go as the teacher entered the room. The instructor began his lecture but Ryuu couldn’t focus because she could feel Hero and Orie staring at her.

“My first day and I’ve already attracted some strange people.”

As the class ended Ryuu was about to call out to Elji but he was gone instead she was faced Hero and Orie. Not giving either one a chance to speak Ryuu ran away as fast as she could but Hero and Orie were hot on her trail.

“Damn it Elji, where did you go?”

Turning the corner and jumping into the nearest classroom Ryuu sighed as she finally lost her pursuers. After gathering herself Ryuu looked around the classroom and noticed Elji outside in the sparing ring. He had surrounded himself with four wooden dummies as he held his Asauchi. This was the first time Ryuu had seen him so serious so she decided to keep watching.

“What are you up to Elji?”

Dashing forward Elji cleaved the first wooden dummy in half with one strike. Using his momentum Elji turned on his heels diagonally slashing the second dummy before pivoting backwards stabbing the third dummy. Yanking his blade free sideways he also horizontally slashed the forth dummy creating a shockwave that also scratched the wall.

Ryuu watched her friend in awe. “Wow…I knew he was smart but he can fight too huh?” Grinning to herself she couldn’t help but call out to him. “Elji that was amazing!”

“Ryuu! Were you watching that!?” yelled Elji embarrassed.

“Why’s your face all red?” asked Ryuu as she came outside.

“W-What are you doing here?” asked Elji still flustered.

“Running for my ‘fated ones’,” said Ryuu. “So when did you learn to fight?”

“I can’t fight…” said Elji as his face flushed.

“Hmm? Is the surreally calm Elji getting embarrassed?” asked Ryuu.

“W-Well that because it is embarrassing!“ said Elji. “I mean the whole reason I was practicing was because no one was here to see those weak attacks!”

“Elji try to hit me,” said Ryuu.

“Don’t be stupid I couldn’t even if I tried,” said Elji.

“Elji…try to hit me,” repeated Ryuu. “Don’t hold anything back okay?”

Punching towards Ryuu with all his strength Elji hit her dead center in the forehead. However Ryuu didn’t move an inch…or so it seemed. Ryuu’s feet were buried as Elji’s blow forced her into the ground and upon closer inspection Ryuu’s forehead was bleeding now.

“S-See? Nothing’s weak about your attacks Elji,” said Ryuu through a pained smile.

“Idiot! Why didn’t you block that!?“ yelled Elji. “Damn it now you’re bleeding, come here.”

Elji tended to the wound on her forehead while lecturing her yet again. After patching her up he sighed as Ryuu smiled at him like a little kid. “What was all that for anyway?”

“You looked down so I thought I’d cheer you up,” said Ryuu.

“By letting me punch you in the head!?” said Elji.

“Hey you did it didn’t you?” said Ryuu with a coy grin.

“I do everything you tell me to do,” said Elji.

“Why?” asked Ryuu.

“Doesn’t matter,” said Elji.

“Well it’s not like I mind but just tell me already,” said Ryuu.

“No way,” said Elji.

“You’re mean,” said Ryuu with a pout.

“Don’t act like a girl,” said Elji with a laugh.

“I AM A GIRL!” yelled Ryuu with another pout.

“Yeah I know so how about letting other people see it?” said Elji as he left.

“That’s embarrassing y’know,” said Ryuu,

{Ryuu’s Home}

“I’m home!” yelled Ryuu as she walked inside. Worn out she was hoping to relax with some tea, however when she entered her dining room both Hero and Orie were waiting for her.

“Welcome home Ryuu-Chan,” greeted Hero.

“Evening Ryuu-Sama,” greeted Orie.

“No…getting mad would be too easy,” said Ryuu as she sighed. “Why are you two here?”

“To talk about our marriage Ryuu-Sama!”

“To sweep you off your feat Ryuu-Chan!”

“Okay,” said Ryuu. “First I’m not marrying you Orie…EVER and I don’t like you Hero so both of you get out of my house!”

“Please reconsider Ryuu-Sama!”

“Impossible everyone loves Hero!”

Ryuu sighed again at their unwavering determination somewhat impressed as she heard someone come inside the room. It was a tall regal looking woman with generous body proportions. She had long black hair and shining blue eyes. She wore an elegant red yukata decorated with pink rose petal engravings with a white coat draped over her shoulders. She smiled gently as she joined Ryuu and the others sitting at the table.

“Who are you friends Ryuu?” asked the woman.

“They’re just some guys from the Academy Ryuga. They are not my friends,” said Ryuu.

“My name is Yasuhara Orie,” said Orie as she bowed her head.

“My name is Nakamaru Hero,” said Hero as he also bowed.

“Nice to meet you all, my name is Kurosawa Ryuga. I’m Ryuu’s mother,” said Ryuga.

“Aren’t you the popular one Ryuu,” said a gruff voice entering the room.

The source of the voice was a tall slightly muscular person with a slim petite build. They had short blonde hair tied in a small ponytail with sharp gold eyes. The person wore a loss fitting open black jacket with a gold trim and a pair of grey shorts. Looking closer the fanged toothed that Ryuu had was visible in their mouth too.

“Yukiko you’re back already!” said Ryuu as she excitedly hugged the person.

“Who’s that?” asked Hero turning to Ryuga.

“That’s Yukiko, Ryuu’s mother,” said Ryuga.

“So…she’s adopted?” asked Orie.

“No, she’s our flesh and blood daughter,” said Ryuga.

“Then I asked you to allow our marriage!” said Orie.

“How many times do I have to tell you no!” said Ryuu.

“The great Hero understands even if he doesn’t,” said Hero. “Now Ryuu-Chan must belong to me!”

“Alright now I’m gonna start kicking your ass!” yelled Ryuu as she attacked Hero.

“Oh how I wish you would be more lady-like,” said Ryuga. “Y’know she gets that temper from you Yuki.”

“Aim for the face Ryuu hit him in the face!” cheered Yukiko.

After giving Hero a good beating Ryuu finally settled down as Hero laid bruised and knocked out. Orie was talking with Ryuga while Yukiko sleep in Ryuga’s lap. “So why do you think I’m your ‘fated one’ Orie?” asked Ryuu.

“Because my father said my fated on would have great potential to be a powerful warrior,” said Orie. “He said that when I met them I would be able feel a connection in our reiatsu.”

“Then why not Elji? He was with me maybe it was him,” said Ryuu.

“Not possible, your presence greatly overshadowed his,” said Orie. “It was like he wasn’t even there.”

“That’s because I don’t have the control Elji does,” said Ryuu as she pointed to her forehead. “He might not look like it but he’s strong as hell.”

“If you say so Ryuu-Sama, however I have a question for you Kurosawa-san,” said Orie addressing Ryuga. “How did you and your wife make Ryuu-Sama if you’re both females?”

“I’ve been asking the same question ever since I was a kid and I still haven’t got an answer,” said Ryuu.

“I told you Yuki is special and that’s all,” said Ryuga.

“That’s incredibly vague…” said Orie.

“She might actually be a man with chest like that,” said Hero finally regaining consciousness. However Hero was quickly sent back into a dazed state as Yukiko’s fist punched him into the floorboards. “WHO ARE YOU CALLING A MAN!” yelled Yukiko.

“Magnificent…such raw passion…Ryuu is truly related…to you,” mumbled Hero as blood pooled were his face impacted.

“Your mothers are truly amazing Ryuu-Sama,” said Orie.

“The answer is still no,” said Ryuu.

“Speaking of marriage will you just hurry up and marry Elji already!” said Yukiko. “I want grandkids while I’m still young y’know.”

“Elji doesn’t see me like that!” said Ryu embarrassed.

“I will fight for your love Ryuu-Sama!”

“Oh my, you’re so popular Ryuu.”

“C’mon and make my grandkids!”

“SHUT UP!!!”
If you wondering where I've been these past few forever I had a Rage Quit Moment. See I lost a lot of my data and a lot of my @$#%*$#(#@*(#(*%#(*%#(%*@(**($*# ..... I'm chill now but I had to step away from all my projects for a while and lose myself in the world of gaming (Thank you Ps4) But I'm good now.
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