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The Original Three CONTEST!

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 19, 2014, 11:02 AM

Yet another Contest! Since my last contest had no written entries this one's all drawing so make sure you read the details carefully.

:bulletwhite: Information:

I have there main Bleach OCs

My first and failed Oc Inazuma Kumo (He's still my favorite though even if he's super OP'd lol)

My second Oc Avon Fuyu (He's a little OP'd too but less so) 

My Third and new Oc Ryuu Kurosawa (She's not OP'd...yet lol)

Anyway the task here is simple; Draw either Ryuu, Inazuma or Avon. They can be together, alone, paired with another Oc, paired with your Oc or whatever but they must be noticeable.

Here are a few reference pics (Please note some refs aren't done full so read descriptions for any missing details) Also there are some Extra! that have no refs. If you draw an Extra! and place an extra 10$ will be added to your winnings.


Shikai: Inazuma Kumo and Gin Okami by Blackwind211

Bankai: Inazuma Kumo Bankai by LarizSantos

Awakend Bankai (or Mayonaka Kiba): Inazuma "Mayonaka kiba" Awakend Bankai by Blackwind211

Segunda Etapa: Deadly encounter by RiamAzariel

Blind: PPC Brawl-OUT by Sora-Shintaro

Extra! New Bankai Gin Mayonaka Ookami Mangetsu: Silver fur appears around Inazuma’s body that covers the majority of his upper body. Red marks appear underneath his eyes as white bones appear around his chin and mouth forming a mask. His blade remains the same as his normal Bankai.


Shikai (sword): A True Team by Blackwind211

Extra! Avon's other Shikai forms:

Double sided spear - In this form Tengoku to Jigoku is double sided spear that can separate into two parts at the middle with one side white and the other black both having gold details. When separate Avon uses them in a dagger fashion holding them backhand style.

Gauntlets - In this form Tengoku to Jigoku is a pair of clawed gauntlets, one black and one white with gold details on both of them.

Bow - In this form Tengoku to Jigoku is a white tribal bow with gold details and shoots black reiatsu arrows.

Armor Boots - In this form Tengoku to Jigoku is a pair of white and black armor boots with golden details.

Arm Blades - In this form Tengoku to Jigoku is a pair of retractable arm blades, one of which is hidden. On his right arm is a white blade in plain sight while on his left arm is a black blade hidden under his arm both has gold details. The blades retract into small devices on his hand and wrist.

Sawn off Shotgun - In this form Tengoku to Jigoku is actually made up of two pistol that connect and act like a sawn off shotgun. One pistol is black and the other is white both have gold details. 

Bankai: (Check Bio for more details) Avon Fuyu
Name: Avon Fuyu
Date Of Birth: February 11
Age: 38
Physical Age: 18
Gender: Male
Species: Vizard
Squad and Seating:  squad 2 unseated personal aid to the captain
Height: 5’5 Ft.
Weight: 205 Lbs.
Appearance: Avon has light blue eyes, jagged brown hair and is of an average build. He wore a white long-sleeved jacket with stone washed jeans. When he joined the squads for a short while he wore a Shihakusho with his right arm completely exposed and only a small part around the abdomen and his left arm still covered. He later replaced this Shihakusho with one custom made for Shunko. The Shihakusho top half was made like an open jacket with a plain white shirt to wear under it.
The bottom half was cut up to short length and closed around the knees and around his left arm he wore a brown badge with a black butterfly-like symbol on it. Later when he combined his Fullbring with his Zanpoktou chains wrapped around his

Bankai Tengoku Shift:

Bankai Jigoku Shift:

Extra! God Shift: His body and clothes turn sliver as gold markings cover his face, arms and legs. Large white rectangular wings form on his back as a gold halo appears above his head.


Normal: [ C.E. ] Ryuu by yomei-san

Shikai: Ryuu Kurosawa by EvyCrystal Ryuu Kurosawa by Karim-E

Extra! Kuro-Ken: Ryuu's black reaitsu covers her body clinging to her skin.


:bulletgreen: 1st Place 50$

:bulletgreen: 2nd place 35$

:bulletgreen: 3rd Place 20$

All prizes are paid through paypal.

The due date is 5/21/14

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Darius Banks...Wind in Darkness
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I'm not good at art but that dosen't mean other people can't be so the reason i joined is to thank those who make good art and for KH Door To Chaos and if you haven't read that yet and your a KH fan i recomend you do and if your a bleach fan read the fanfic by BlazeKagayaku called Bleach: Black rose part 1-2 also read his other stuff it has a great story and great characters.

Favourite genre of music: Hard Rock
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Favourite Anime character: Ichigo
Personal Quote: Even dreams can become nightmares

I don't understand you Esperia! T-T 

2 deviants said Dude, GO TO SLEEP! It's been 29 hours stop playing games!

Inazuma Kumo

These are a few pics of Inazuma I've collected over my time on dA.

Celebration by amber-sky FAST FURIOUS and BLEACHED by RiamAzariel Know My Pain... by Blackwind211 My Friends Are My Power! by Blackwind211 Inazuma Kumo....Bankai by Blackwind211 Inazuma Kumo -Close Up- by Blackwind211 Becoming Legends by Blackwind211 Inazuma "Mayonaka kiba" Awakend Bankai by Blackwind211 Inazuma Kumo and Gin Okami by Blackwind211 Inazuma Kumo "half body" by Blackwind211 Inazuma Kumo -Face Pic- by Blackwind211 When universe collide: A storm of swords by RiamAzariel Midnight Hurricane by YaniitheWindDemon Inazuma Kumo by YaniitheWindDemon Inazuma and Kaze by Blackwind211 C:Blackwind211 by bunnywonderkitty


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Drimr Mar 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for faving my Unohana and Kenpachi painting! :heart:
Blackwind211 Mar 20, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
No prob it was amazing work
Blackwind211 Mar 19, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks it looks awesome!
Great, have a great day then!
Say, do you have a piece in your gallery that gives information about your OC, Inazuma? He looks beastly and I'd like to read up about him c:
Blackwind211 Feb 26, 2014  Hobbyist Writer

As of the moment I don't because I'm updating his bio with all of his new information
But thank you for the compliment :D 

Alrighty, I look forward to it C:
Monsterking777 Feb 25, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
im in your house, drinking your soda LOL

hey man hows it goin:D

Blackwind211 Feb 25, 2014  Hobbyist Writer

Damn it! That's why I can't have nice things! lol

It's going what about you?

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